You would just love this!

Time is over — Wake Up!!

Cute Cat Sleeping

How many times did you watch this????? I lost count.


Karan Johar’s new movie -> Kolkata Knightriders ki kahani

Came across the new script of KJo’s upcoming movie titled -> Kolkata Knightriders ki kahani..

Its an Amazing script,  brialliantly written and very inspiring.Here’s a brief summary:

SRK hits 36 in the final over and helps KKR finally win the IPL. He steps in after all players leave him and only 10 remain. Dancing Katrina and dancing Deepika and more dancing dumb belles at Lord’s.

Later its revealed that SRK’s father was Don Bradman (played by Amitabh Bacchan) who dies just hours before the finals and wants KKR to win.

Cricket Se Aapko Kya Mila ??

Cricket frenzied nation India never thinks what are we getting out of following Cricket…….

Check out this sexy take out from in the form of this music video

Thumbs Up Spoof

Pepsi [Youngistan Ad Spoof]


Original Ad:

TV Advertisement Spoofs

Hi !

Writing after a long time… This being the 100th post, i wante to it to be outrageously funny.. but havent come up with any as yet 😦  .

Coming back to the title of the post, the recent Pepsi advertisement on Akshay Kumar’s Thumbs Ad has started the Spoof War between the two cola giants once again. [ If u remember, some time back salman khan was spoofed by Pepsi.. I ll try to get the video over here]

So I decided to make available the funny spoof advertisements here along with the original ones. Hope you all enjoy this section too… 🙂

Funny Commercials Part 2