A College going Student’s Article published in some weekly

Once I started receiving a set of highly interesting Anonymous Messages on a beautiful December evening, I welcome U all to the series of SMS messages that I shared with my Anonymous messenger…!!!

Anonymous(A): Hi Bobby…. Hwz U?:-)

Me(M):- Hi I m 5ne. May I kno Who dis is …?

A:- I m 1 f ur well wishers Dear. Hv Been Watching u 4 quite sumtime …..

M: Hmmm …:) Interesting .. Neva Knew I hav fans in this college. Which branch?

A: I m into Civil Engg branch yar…U r so handsome..Bobby!!

M: Hey sweety .. tell me who u r….!!! don xcite me nymore..:))

A: No Yar.. nother time..nt nw. i ll feel Mbarassed…!! Bt I heard that u flunked the series test…?

M:-oH Dat’s Usual NAA? Neva Bothers till It happens in University Xams . Marks ld be send home yar…

A: Oh That’s Bad Naa? U manage wid all these things back Home…?

M:-Its so Easy Yar. Just Tell Dad that Evrythin is k.. He is damn Busy wid work n Moms Scoldings.

Leave all that yar.. Just tell me Who dis well wisher of mine is…..Eager to Meet U dear.. PLSSSS

A: No J I really feel shameful yar…!! I ll tell u later… Not Nw.. Pls

M:-No Sweet Heart .. I wanna kno… Pls……..yar … Treat AT Uncles Right Nw.. Pls

A: Oh … a TREAT? I really don want to to tell my name but still …..No yar .. later plss

M: Oh u R drivin me Crazy… Pls…. One show at Ragam Theatre … Please…. Tell ur divine name …!!

A :yar please… hmmm.. ok… sure that U do all thos u promised?

M: Promise….1000 times

A: MY name is Er. Varghese Thopil Cheriyan. Had done engg. At ur college some 25 yrs back.

M:What….?D…. D..DA…. DAD…..!! Is That U?

A: Yes… My Little Idiot.. N this is my New Number. And Now get back to studies instead of Hunting Girls … My little dumbo…!!!U think u are smart? Think Again dear. Ur Dad was smarter than u at college. Pass the retest atleast .. n submit ur assignments at rite time. That’s what I used To do…!!!

M: (Sheep-faced) Sorry DAD… i ll surely clear it nxt time. Dad U r a Master at the art of SMS-ing. Lucky that Mobiles were nt invented when u were in college.

A: Y so?

M: coz Mom wuldn have had any other Job other than Replying to ur shots…hihiihihi…. Thanx DAD for the chat…. Promise U … I ll clear it nxt time ..!!!

A: Ho ho … hi hi… Don worry my boy … I know U ll do it …. Just Keep Trying… I meant .. Studies….N for Gods SAKE save my No. So that U dont get caught Red Handed Next Time…. !!! Take Care Dear Son

M: -Love U DAD… u TOO tc .. .


2 Responses to “SMS CONVERSATION..”

  1. LIVE Says:

    good work thanks

  2. Antorney Says:

    You are a very smart person! 🙂

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