A true Love story……………………….. Must read!!

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A boy and a girl were in love.

When the girl’s father came to know about their love, he did not like it at all, and so began to protest about it.

Now it happened that the two lovers decided to leave their homes for a happy future.

The girl’s father started searching for the two lovers but could not find them .

At last, he accepted their love and asked them to come back home thru a local newspaper. Her father said “If you both come back I will allow you to marry the guy you love, I accept that you loved each other truly.”

So in this way, their love won and they returned home.

The couple next day went to town to shop for the wedding dress. He was dressed in a white shirt that day. While he was crossing the road to the other side to get some drinks for his wife, a car came and hit him and he died on the spot.

The girl was devastated and lost her senses. It was only after sometime that she recovered from her shock.

The funeral and cremation was the very next day because he had died horribly.

Two nights later, the girl’s mother had a dream in which she saw an old lady. The old lady asked her mother to wash the blood
stains of the guy from her daughter’s dress as soon as possible. But her mother ignored the dream.

The next night her father had the same dream , he also ignored it. Then the girl had the same dream the next night, she woke up in fear and told her mother about the dream. Her mother asked her to wash the clothes with the blood stains immediately.

She washed the stains but some remained. Next night she again had the same dream. She again washed the stains but some still remained.  But again the next night she had the same dream and this time the old lady gave her a last warning to wash the blood stain, or else something terrible would happen.

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60 Responses to “A true Love story……………………….. Must read!!”

  1. Techno Freak Says:

    What the Fuck??

  2. raj Says:

    what the fckdon`t make anyones love as a joke …………………….love really hurts

  3. Sushant Says:

    Nice joke

  4. Ruchika Says:

    Who so ever did this, its very bad as love is not a joke……..
    Love is every think, for love people live n they can die.

    fucking Joke

  5. zoya khan Says:

    which asshole has written this its a really bad joke

  6. stephanie Says:

    what the fuck do you call that because that is definetly not a joke

  7. sherry Says:

    its just waste ur time nd really fucking joke

  8. ashish Says:

    what the fuck? love is not a joke

  9. murtaza shinwari Says:

    this is very good joke .
    and iam so laughing to this act . who written this story he / she is very funny i like him/her
    have a nice a day

  10. ritcha Says:

    kya yaar dho dala…..
    love story ko maila kar diya!!!!!!!!

  11. ci310 Says:

    such a bad joker!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. freak49 Says:

    No offense to all you “Lovers”, but it is hilarious!!

  13. Idon'tgiveadam21 Says:

    What the fuck is this shit here? i rlly don’t think it’s that funny man.

  14. meher kumar verma Says:

    this is very good joke

  15. sai Says:

    nice joke,,,,, but dont make true love as a joke,,,,,,any have good joke,.

  16. afsha Says:

    hey no offence but its sumthing to laugh and enjoy. .

  17. ROMI Says:


  18. Amar Says:


  19. ammz Says:

    wat the mess,

  20. Pranali Says:

    Nice joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. simran Says:

    plz don’t make love as a joke.

  22. ashu Says:

    mast yaar what a love story
    v interesting n v horrible also ha ha ha

  23. richa Says:

    i ws reading it with true feeling………duffer why u hv ended like this stupid……must say if i get u ill break ur head

    • Mathew Says:

      Dear richa,
      its nt abt hw the story is.. its all abt the happy ending thats wat i pointed in d story. dont worry i ll come wearing helmet infront f u.

  24. Athira Krishnan Says:

    I actually felt bad and got scared… who ever did this is supper cool and keep fooling ppl like this[:)]….

  25. bini Says:

    What the fuck is this ??
    just fucked ours valuable time …
    next time pls take care of that.

  26. Deepak Says:

    Nothing to say abt tat .. I wont say its a joke.. It’s useless to praise tis one…
    The person who written tis is a fucker..

  27. ishika Says:

    kya yr itnay senti mood se read kr rai thi nd this really ends ups in water

  28. Roshan Ara Says:

    very bad joke………………………………………

  29. aakriti Says:

    a funny joke………………………
    i ended up laughing

  30. barkha Says:

    wtf? its was so much interesting in d middle………..n den huh……..

  31. joy Says:

    hahaha you cought me there.. im a victim also!!!!

  32. Dheeraj chawla Says:

    dear agar stories dalni hi h na to atleast real dalo not da fake 1ce coz atleast agar koi isi se pyar karta h to atleast vo thoda confident to ho jae ye sab rubbish baatien likh kar………………………………………u r making fun of love n da lovers 2……………….

  33. Deepika Says:

    do not hurt people like this. fuck offff who ever wrote this

  34. ivy Says:

    …i thought it was true but its a joke only..how i hate this..

  35. nishant Says:

    who is that fucking creature………… don’t ever play with some one’s feelings and don’t make joke of love…………bas####…

  36. sam Says:

    once u fall in love u wil understand dt d pain in heart,because of love, cant b washed with nirma….

  37. neeraz Says:

    kya pakau tha yaar really plz don’t read

  38. Naghma sultana s Says:

    Dear frienrs
    This is Naghma sultana.
    Me bachpan se maa baap ka pyar nahi payi. Pad nahi payi muje me sirf 8th padi hu.me age panda chahti hun.
    Me mere taya ke ghar me rehti hun unhone muje bas 8th padaya .
    Muje age padne ni arnaan hai . please friends duwa karo plese .
    Lekin bina padayi k es dunya me kuch nahi chalta esliye muje es zindagi se bahut bezzar hora

    ………. Zindagi kyoun etni adhuri lagi hai bahut bezzar hora friends. maje jeene ka man nahi hai. zindagi se dar laraha hai lekin me es dunya me nahi jeesakti maje es dunya se bahut bezzar . allah kyoun mere say aisa karaha hai please logo mere liye duwa karo me etni umar me bas zindagi se dargayi hu lekin me aise jeena nahi cahti…. please mere dosto duwa me yaad rakho

    Naghma sultana

  39. Taina Says:

    that was funny!!! ahahah.. i love it,,

    • Sachin Says:

      i loved it too….

  40. Amit Says:


  41. cathy Says:

    grr.. i tot the story is serious.. i olmost cry.. taz bglang joke lang pla.??.. hahah..

  42. manvi Says:

    yarr it was nice as a joke but very bad to do such a thing yarrrr

  43. bendedspoon Says:

    so real life! we always thought we have an inkling of how our life story will unfold. we thought we have all things figured out. and then, the twist came. we can either remain twisted or take in the moment then move on. or you can smile if you want 🙂

  44. navneet Says:

    shut the fuck you asshole….

  45. sammy Says:


  46. LAUREN Says:

    very inspiring

  47. Mohd Akbar Says:

    Plz don’t play with Love I also Love someone But my family members are not ready to marry me with her. I feel Hurt. plz don’t make fun of Love.

  48. AANCHAL Says:

    whosoever has written this iz such an idiot n ullu ka pattha n a big kutta kamina randi salla ya salli plzzzzzzzz dont do dis thing again luv iz a nice feeling dont try 2 make dis typ of stories on luv plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  49. Sumit Thapar Says:

    I think who soever has written this does not really know the true feeling of love….I request u guys plz dnt play with…i ve lost my girlfriend with whom i was for 7 years….no she is married to some other guy..the only reason…out of caste….and its only me who knows what u fell when something like this happens to you…so plz guys try to believe in love…also respect it…it not Try reading Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States…i am sure you will start believeing in love

  50. ccret Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wt.. u made the love is a joke its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its not funny ur joke is not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. tanu Says:

    i mean wat was dis…..?????

  52. santhiya Says:

    more than your story i laughed at the comments on your story by different people.really lot of cursing you got yaar but too much funny you r ..if you wear helmet also people wil beat you…………….ha ha ha ha great keep on cheating people like this

  53. nisha Says:

    this is not a gud joke…..
    if someone read it wid full emotions n feelings….n had love in their lives they will feel vry bad……don’t make jokes out of true love….coz it really hurts……….hope so u will not do it again….
    n try to spread love n happiness……….

  54. jackie Says:

    what the f””‘! that is really corny..

  55. Sunehri Says:

    What the fuck???!! Whoever posted this – You think this is a joke? Bloody mother fucker.

  56. medevil Says:

    what a love story

  57. medevil Says:

    i love u c.mounika

  58. arshad Says:

    this is wrong . . .love shouldn’t be joked

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