SMS #2

Wife asked her husband:

How many women he had slept with?

Husband proudly replies, only you darling, with others I was awake!!

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3 Responses to “SMS #2”

  1. akshay Says:


  2. Haziqul yaquin Says:

    Isnt possible to manage team india according to players present icc rankings ? At least 5-6 players should be the best indian players , rest may new,old bt rotated on performance in Ranji.

  3. Haziqul yaquin Says:

    Young cricketers should be provided wit good platform .
    Ok. ! Where good rural future will go bcoz dist trials ask them …FROM WHICH CLUB ÐO YOU BELONG, SHOW THE CERTIFICATE.
    He should be provided at least one free trial.
    Ranji trials should be free n knock out format ,those who hav talents will withstand and so on .

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